The Red Shoe Movement Hall of Fame honors men and women who know that shared power not only means a more equitable workplace and society. It also means better return on investment, more employee engagement, and less risk for investors.

Every year, we select a group of executives who are role models for all of us and particularly, to their colleagues around the world. They are leaders of leaders. The kind we all aspire to be. We select people from all regions of the world who are contributing to more inclusive workplaces.

These honorees are building innovative organizations that are more responsive to the challenges of the 21st Century. Places that value 100% of their talent.

Companies with purpose and a social conscience. Leaders who deserve to be recognized in our Red Shoe Movement Hall of Fame.

RSM Hall of Fame

Many of the leaders we celebrate in the Red Shoe Movement Hall of Fame, are people with whom we had the chance to work closely. Executives who are champions of the female talent involved in our leadership development programs within their organizations. People who speak up for gender equality and inclusion at all levels even when it’s not always comfortable to do so. Leaders who blaze a trail and sponsor women every chance they have.

As a result of our analysis of their work, we’ve observed time and again the consistent alignment of their belief system with their behavior. We’ve seen them implement policies and procedures, address unconscious biases, and confront push back from those resisting change, when necessary.

To recognize those exceptional executives we created the Red Shoe Movement Hall of Fame: “Honoring Leaders Who Walk the Walk.” An award that celebrates leaders who inspire us with their vision and their concrete actions.

RSM Hall of Fame 2017-2022

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