The RSM Step Up Plus | A Year-Round Empowerment Program

The RSM Step Up is the most productive and cost effective way to increase the retention and promotion of your women employees by heightening engagement with a model that is sustainable in the long term.

Awaken and elicit your team’s self-motivation and commitment to your organization year-round. Access the transformative power of Mariela Dabbah and a team of internationally renowned experts. Avoid losing your top talent and increase the number of women in executive positions. The RSM Step Up Plus is a year-long program that provides you with all the resources to sustain and grow your employees’ motivation. In addition, you will count on the Red Shoe Movement community as your employees’ official cheerleading squad.

Subscribe a minimum of 25 associates and see them flourish. The RSM Step Up Plus fits everybody’s needs!

Corporate leadership development

Corporate leadership development

The RSM Step Up Plus: What you get with the program

  • Opening Survey
  • Opening Webinar live with Mariela Dabbah- Topic TBD60 Minute Interactive Webinar
  • 12 podcasts 10-20 minutes each. A mix of actionable content and inspiration capped with an exercise to practice the concepts shared. Topics include: Building self-esteem, learning to love feedback, storytelling, becoming an influencer, negotiation, and more.
  • 12 Downloadable Fireside Chats with Special guests — 60 minutes each We curate the most powerful Virtual Mutual Mentoring Circle sessions  with our business executives and leaders of the prior year to bring you their presentations and the interaction with our group. A very real, down to earth series of conversations unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Topics include: Mapping your career to achieve your dreams, building your network one relationship at a time, managing your career in times of organizational changes, and more.
  • Monthly online group coaching— 60 minutes with Mariela Dabbah and her team of international renowned experts where you team interacts with the larger RSM community (numerous countries, companies, roles, etc.) Participants include anyone who is a member of the Step Up Plus.
  • Closing Webinar live with Mariela Dabbah- “Topic TBD + What’s Next”— 45 Minute Interactive Webinar to elicit feedback, lessons learned and next steps.
  • Closing Survey


  • Readiness to move to the next career level
  • Increased engagement which leads to increased retention
  • Increased awareness of role of subconscious mandates in career growth
  • Increased self-motivation
  • Stronger, trusting relationship among group members and with outside partners
  • Improved work environment, leading to increased creativity
  • Identification of mutual mentoring partners that can work together towards success of both individuals
  • Better alignment of career goals and company strategy

Avoid losing your top talent and increase the number of women in executive positions. Request the details of the RSM Step Up Plus Programs below

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