Kodo Nishimura, Buddhist Monk and Makeup Artist

If you could suggest one action that organizations can take to speed up their commitment to represent women at the top, what would it be?

I think it is important to provide supplemental resources for anybody who needs extra support. For example, mothers might benefit from having better access to childcare; LGBTQ+ people might benefit from having gender-free restrooms and changing rooms as an option. I think providing as many considerations as possible for each group will help them feel seen. This sentiment will help not only women but all people to believe in their value more, which will result in success.

If you could suggest one action women could take to accelerate their career growth, what would it be?

I would encourage women to connect with others who are going through similar situations. Oftentimes, we think that we are the only ones suffering with specific problems. But by opening your concerns to like-minded people, you can combat the problems with multiple brains. For example, to break barriers, it was crucial for me to connect with other homosexual friends who understood my situation well. Together we are stronger.

Irma Olguín Jr., CEO and Co-Founder Bitwise Industries

If you could suggest one action that organizations can take to accelerate the representation of women at the top, what would it be?

Hire and promote people for their potential. Women — really, all marginalized groups — get less opportunities to “prove” their value than their straight, white, male peers. And when you hire based on proven experience, you are leaving a lot of talented and worthy people behind because they aren’t given the same opportunities. If someone has drive, intelligence, and has shown grit, they are going to be a more innovative problem solver/larger asset based solely on their potential.

If you could suggest one action that women could take to accelerate their career growth, what would it be?

Don’t self-select out of situations that aren’t built for you. It can be really hard to enter spaces and work environments that were intentionally designed to keep you out. Don’t let that stop you. If you can find a place that welcomes you, that’s ideal. But, if you are curious about learning a new skill and the institutions designed to teach you are unwelcoming, refuse to leave. If you can fill a seat, your visibility will inspire other women, and soon you can create an inclusive space while advancing your skill set.

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