Corporate Leadership Development: RSM Circles

Implement Corporate Leadership Development programs that successfully promote women to decision-making positions.

We offer Corporate Leadership Development Programs for your multicultural employees, particularly women.

Our deep cultural knowledge plus our years of experience in the field, led to this Corporate Leadership Program—  A sustainable turnkey solution that truly resonates with your diverse talent. We Train your team to set up and run our Mutual Mentoring Circles based on our proven Mutual Mentoring methodology.

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The more women advance in your organization’s structure the higher the ROI

The research proves it: The higher women climb in the organizational pyramid, the higher the return on investment for your organization. The question is, how to balance the need to increase inclusion at the highest levels with the cost of developing a sizable number of women while fostering a more inclusive culture. The answer is simpler than you’d think.  Appeal to your employees’ self-motivation and put them in charge of their own careers!

This Corporate Leadership Program is a sustainable turnkey solution for your company. As a result of it, participants break with subconscious mandates that often get in the way of their career growth. They attain the necessary skills to take on challenging projects and move up the ladder, making it easy to promote more women to decision-making positions!

The RSM Circles are corporate leadership development programs that live and grow within your company!

Bring in the successful corporate leadership development program other organizations are implementing successfully

The RSM Circles are an effective way to accelerate the growth of underrepresented groups by inviting them to take charge of their professional development and offering them opportunities to shine. Nine sessions specifically structured to discuss issues relevant for women to assume management and leadership positions.

Using our mutual empowerment and experiential methodology, each session is coordinated by one of your employees with our detailed Facilitator’s Guide. This Guide provides exhaustive information to carry out each meeting. The Circles can be carried out in person or virtually.

Benefits? This corporate leadership development program generates incomparable cohesion among participants allowing them to discuss the most problematic issues. Working together to define individual objectives, sharpen negotiation and networking skills, refine their brands, and so forth, participants become invested in mutual growth. They also become a much more promotable group.

Even though women have come a long way, we still face many obstacles to take the place in society we deserve. Some of those obstacles are external and subject to a change in mentality by society, but the ones we can do something about are in our own mind. A good step toward reaching the goal of personal growth for women is to talk about it with other women, encourage each other, identify the problem and find the solution. I always like to say that women can do the same thing men can do, but even better because we do it in high heels. If those heels are red, watch out.

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An Effective Way towards Corporate Leadership
Development: Format of the RSM Circles

Once your team has gone through our Train the Trainer, they can easily set up the RSM Circles at your organization. This is a program with nine powerful, 2-hours sessions, conducted once every other week by one of your employees either in person or virtually. A flexible program that can be easily adjusted to your particular needs. Based on Find Your Inner Red Shoes by Mariela Dabbah, the book that started the Red Shoe Movement, it’s ideal for developing leadership qualities for and multicultural women employees.

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The RSM Circles offer an effective, low cost way to promote more diverse women to management positions.

Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can assist you in bringing this outstanding corporate leadership development program that truly resonates with multicultural and Hispanic women.

Corporate Leadership Development: RSM Circles

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