The Red Shoe Movement’s Community Recognition Program

Publicly recognizing the achievements of our community and providing positive visibility are part of the Red Shoe Movement’s DNA.

We are in a relentless quest to expand your storytelling abilities in order to attract great opportunities where you can demonstrate your worth and the value you bring to any team.

Community Recognition Badges Red Shoe Movement

Our Community Recognition program distinguishes:

  • People who successfully go through our programs and acquire new skills – Talent Development
  • People who are committed to promoting the Red Shoe Movement’s mission – Involvement with the RSM
  • People who are dedicated to leveling the playing field for 100% of the talent – Awards

Displaying your hard-earned badge in your email signature and on your social media is a way to open the door to relevant career conversations, potential collaborations and assignments.

Scroll down to learn more about each of the Community Recognition Program Badges.

These Badges are earned by participants of the Red Shoe Movement programs who fulfill the necessary requirements of engagement and participation. There is a specific Badge for each one of our programs.

Emergent Leader

Emergent LeaderThis is the Badge for graduates of our Step Up Plus year-long leadership program. It’s a program which provides soft skills to women and anyone who identifies as a woman in order to help them grow to the next level in their careers. It’s delivered online with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous materials and events.

Inclusion Maven

Inclusion MavenThis is the Badge for graduates of our Walk the Talk Circles program, a series of conversations structured as Trained the Trainers with content customized to your needs, for example: Allyship. The duration of the program varies depending on how often the sessions are scheduled. The focus is on learning how to handle problematic conversations.

Program Sage

Program SageThis is the Badge for graduates of our training to coordinate our Step Up Plus program within an organization. It prepares recent graduates of the Step Up Plus to apply their leadership skills helping coordinate new cohorts of the program in their companies. It’s a great way to offer additional exposure to associates who are ready to lead.


AllyThis is the Badge for graduates of our Step Up Men 8-month long program. The program focuses on helping men and anyone who identifies as a man to become strong inclusion champions by providing them with key tools, strategies and tactics that are easily actionable regardless of their current role in the organization.

Certified TTT

Certified TTTThis is the Badge for graduates of our Red Shoe Movement Circles Train the Trainer program. It prepares people to set up and facilitate in their organization our RSM Circles with our proprietary mutual mentoring approach. It’s an effective way to develop communities of trust where people can have problematic conversations.

These Badges are earned by people committed to promoting the Red Shoe Movement’s mission inside and outside their organizations for at least a year prior to receiving the Badge. There is a specific Badge to recognize the different types of advocates.


SupporterThis is the Badge that individuals who help ignite a Red Shoe Movement project, initiative or campaign in recognition of their efforts to get the word out. Initiatives such as #RedShoeTuesday and #InclusionIsNotOnPause always depend on these invaluable supporters to spread around.


AmplifierThis is the Badge for individuals who support and promote the Red Shoe Movement communication initiatives and programs on social media. Our mission wouldn’t be as impactful without amazing influencers who use their platforms to Amplify everything on social media.


CheerleaderThis is the Badge for individuals who promote and support Red Shoe Movement talent development programs and communication initiatives inside their organizations. When talent within a company is involved in one or more of our programs, we count on the invaluable enthusiasm of our cheerleaders’ to keep people engaged.


ChampionThis is the highest Badge for leaders and influencers who promote and support the Red Shoe Movement programs and communication initiatives every chance they get. We are talking Champions who wear their red hearts on their sleeves and can’t stop talking about our mission and work.

For several years now, we’ve been recognizing individuals for their pledge to make workplaces and the world a more inclusive space. We are now adding a Badge to their Awards.

Red Shoe Leader

Red Shoe LeaderThe Red Shoe Leader award recognizes any individual regardless of their position in an organization who has had an impact on the issue of gender inclusion during the previous year.  They go above and beyond their role to push the inclusion needle. It also celebrates those who have successfully implemented the RSM methodology or our initiatives.

Legacy Guardian

Legacy GuardianThis award is reserved for those individuals who have committed to supporting the Red Shoe Movement’s mission on a voluntary basis for over five years and for those who even when they are contracted by the RSM overdeliver above and beyond their tasks allowing us to continue fulfilling our mission. This is the team who’s always ready to lend their wisdom and a hand.

Hall Of Fame

Hall of FamerThe Hall of Fame award recognizes year after year C-suite leaders who throughout their careers have taken necessary steps towards creating inclusive organizations where everyone feels welcome and has the same chance to succeed. These are leaders who understand the business case for inclusion and make it their mission to level the playing field for 100% of the talent.

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