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The first leadership development company powered by a grassroots movement of women supporting women for career success. We specialize in multicultural women and offer all the resources and coaching you need to take your career to the next level. We will help you achieve your professional dreams and aspirations. We’ll help you be you, amplified!

Our mission is to help increase female representation at the highest levels of decision-making in all kinds of organizations.

If you are looking for support, ongoing coaching and training to succeed in your career join the RSM Step Up Program.

The best and most cost-effective way to achieve career success!

Improve your negotiation skills, define your personal brand, develop executive presence, and more!

P.S.: Let’s prove that together women can do anything!

What We Believe

  • We believe that every person wants to be happy and to develop her maximum potential.
  • We believe that every person should try to make a living of something they are interested in.
  • We believe that if someone doesn’t enjoy what she does, she won’t have the necessary motivation or drive to achieve career success.
  • We believe companies can both help women be more satisfied with their jobs and increase their profits at the same time.
  • We believe that the best way to help women feel happier at work and reach their maximum potential is to encourage them to discover their inner motivations and their own definition of success.
  • We believe the traditional leadership development model is broken. That’s why we created a new model that works.
  • We strive to turn the inspiration the Red Shoe Movement elicits into actions that positively impact the career success of women within their organizations.

What is Red Shoe Tuesday?

RSM coined the Red Shoe Tuesday Campaign as an invitation to wear your red shoes and ties to work on Tuesdays to show your support for women’s career success. By wearing this weekly visual reminder, not only will you feel more empowered, but you will also contribute to keep top of mind the conversation about the benefits of having more women in executive positions and what we can all do to change organizational culture in order to level the playing field for everyone.

I want to achieve career success and join the movement, what do I do?

If you want to turn thousands of women into fans who support your career success, celebrate your accomplishments, and be there when you must overcome an obstacle, this is the time to join the Red Shoe Movement. Follow us across social media to participate in the conversation and interact with other women. You must also adhere to our 7 RSM Principles:

  • Mentor younger or less experienced women whenever you have a chance
  • Offer opportunities to women who are eager to learn
  • Provide honest feedback to women in your network, and avoid hurtful comments or unnecessary criticism
  • Cultivate your relationship with women on your team
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of women publicly
  • Refrain from bad-mouthing women
  • Avoid using labels that contribute to stereotyping women

If you are interested in receiving cost-effective coaching and training to further your career success, then the RSM Step Up Program was made for you. Check it out!

RSM Principles

Red Shoe Partner

Lola Ramona began in 2006 in Copenhagen. Her goal: to bring shoes that were packed with attitude and life, while providing your feet with the utmost comfort.

Because your shoes should protect + pamper your feet and be an expression of your personality.

Lola Ramona’s shoes are beautifully designed and can be worn from dawn until dusk and back again.

Visit Lola Ramona and pick your favs!

RSM Step Up Program

Define what happiness is for you and create a journey that enables you to achieve career success. This is your chance. Re-imagine yourself. Make large or small changes to your journey and turn your dreams into a reality. Your reality.

There’s a reason why everything happens, and today you are here, on this page, with this opportunity in front of you.

Make your dreams come true with the ongoing coaching and support of the RSM and a global network of professionals interested in your career success.

The RSM Step Up Program will not only provide you access to our international community, but also to specific step by step resources to help you go as far as you dare to dream. Yes, you can achieve career success doing what you love.

Join this revolutionary program. Be You. Amplified.

Share your career success stories with the Red Shoe Movement

  • Publish your career success stories on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Linkedin pages. Tag your message with: #RedShoMov and/or #RedShoeTue so we can find it and share it with every one of your cheerleaders!
  • Every time you support a woman in your network we want to hear about it!
  • Post your anecdotes and pictures on our page. We would also love to see pictures of you wearing your red shoes!
  • Whenever you have a chance, share with the world that you support this movement, that you support women’s career success and that you are putting your money where your mouth is.

Talk to other women about the Red Shoe Movement!

Let them know the Red Shoe Movement exists to help them achieve career success. And an amazing global community is ready to support their efforts and celebrate their every accomplishment. All they have to do is join the Red Shoe Movement!

Supports the Red Shoe Movement
Find Your Inner Red Shoes Book Cover

Want to know even more? Get the book!

“Find Your Inner Red Shoes: Step Into Your Own Style of Success”

If your dream is to take full advantage of your potential to grow professionally, this book is for you. With an engaging style, Mariela threads her own experience and that of dozens of successful women with precise tools that will allow you to discover who you are to get where you dream to be. The book emphasizes the idea that success is an individual journey rather than a destination.

Find Your Inner Red Shoes Book Cover
Whether at your company’s Lunch & Learn or a large conference geared to women’s career success, the charismatic and engaging author of Find Your inner Red Shoes will energize and inspire your audience by sharing her powerful and insightful content with your group.

Mariela is available for presentations

Whether at your company’s Lunch & Learn or a large conference geared to women’s career success, the charismatic and engaging author of Find Your inner Red Shoes will energize and inspire your audience by sharing her powerful and insightful content with your group.

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