What is the Red Shoe Movement?

The RSM is a leading company dedicated to the career and leadership development of women. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are in our DNA. We are supported by a global community of people who empower each other for career success.

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Career & Leadership Development Programs

We offer effective career & leadership development programs proven to succeed.

Our secret formula? Self-motivation and mutual mentoring.

Let the Red Shoe Movement amplify the results of your company’s diversity & inclusion programs.
red shoe movement clients and media

Take Advantage of the RSM Step Up Plus Program

The Step Up Plus is one of our most effective programs.

In this leadership development program we help women develop soft skills.

We cover: negotiation, personal branding, strategic networking, executive presence and more.

Our powerful content considers the different learning styles and needs of career women. With audio podcasts, master classes, webinars, online coaching, the results speak for themselves.

Ringing the Bell on the 7 Seas with the Red Shoe Movement has been one of the highlights of my year. It is a powerful initiative that allows Celebrity Cruises to share with our guests, crew, associates and the world our commitment to gender equality. I can’t say enough about the creativity, marketing expertise, inclusion credentials, and energy that the Red Shoe Movement team brought to the table through the entire process from ideation to execution. A dream team that did the impossible to make us shine.

Lisa Lutoff-PerloPresident & CEO, Celebrity Cruises

The RSM event reminded me in a very vivid way that we all have the ability to add value based on our expertise and unique strengths. That I should always find that one thing that makes me different and that is the same thing that makes me stand out from the rest. That I should continue to be bold on expressing my aspirations and be resilient on the pursuit of them!

Claudia VazquezPrudential

What caught my attention when I first heard of the RSM, was its regional impact. As a high performer for Microsoft, they offered me the opportunity to be part of the RSM Step Up Plus program. I’ve set up and facilitated the RSM Circles at my subsidiary. This program has enabled me to gain self-confidence, it gave me visibility both within my subsidiary and in the region, it has provided me with tools to discuss my career plan and to interact with my colleagues inside and outside of Microsoft. So the empowerment is done!

Patricia MejiaMicrosoft

Excellent program. Most of all, we deepened our self-knowledge. It has opened the path to get to know each other better despite our generational differences and the different areas we work in. We help each other, listen to each other, and it has enabled us to explain to men the benefits of women development within the organization. The red shoe has marked our sense of belonging. We are fascinated!! We have a huge desire to grow both professionally and personally. It’s useful for all aspects of life.

Mercedes BenivegnaSodexo

As Regional Director and Member of the Diversity and Inclusion Council for Novartis Latin America and Canada, I was able to give a group of female talent in the region the opportunity to be part of and actively participate in the Step Up Plus program. I mastered a lot of tools myself and received support to continue advancing in my career. As a leader I feel much more motivated.

María José Gómez SilvaNovartis

Since attending the RSM Signature Event with my team in 2016, we received training, and have consistently held monthly mentoring circles at our office with our group expanding to over 30 participants now. Every month, teammates have an opportunity to share career updates and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Without fail, month after month, at least one of RSM Circle members has shared that she has been promoted at work! It’s been very rewarding to live the RSM principles and our results are a testament to how powerful these circles have been for us.

Cosette GutierrezDonorsChoose.org

Who Is the Red Shoe Movement For?

A company

You are responsible for the professional development, retention and promotion of your talent. Particularly, for your diverse female employees. You’d like to reduce employee turnover and women getting stuck in middle management. You’re looking for an approach that’s proven to work. That’s why you are exploring the Red Shoe Movement.
You’re responsible for your company’s marketing or you work for a marketing agency. You know that to engage this market segment you need to have credibility. You are looking for a recognized voice in the community as a partner. A true influencer. One that helps you convey your company’s support of female professionals. That’s how you arrived at the Red Shoe Movement.

Who Else?

A Woman

A woman who is doing well, but is interested in doing even better. And you’re not sure how to go about it. You may be a bit unsatisfied at work. You understand that personal well-being and professional satisfaction go hand in hand. You’re ready to adjust your situation. You want to find ways to better integrate the personal and professional aspects of your life. You love to stay informed on career-related topics and to take part in events. Especially if you get to meet like-minded women. You would like to have professional support and new resources to grow in your career. That’s why you are exploring the Red Shoe Movement.

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